The Kapaleeshwarar Temple was constructed around 7th century CE and one of the most classical example of 'Dravidian Architecture'. This temple was dedicated to lord Shiva, and according to the legends Parvati (who was the wife of Shiva) worship Shiva at this temple in the form of a peacock. The Kapaleeshwarar Temple is located Mylapore which came from Tamil word Mylai which means peacock. Mylapore is just 7 km away from the capital city of Tamilnadu. Name of temple was derived from the word Kapalam means head and eeshwarar is an alias of Shiva, which combines to for a word Kapaleeshwarar. 

According to the hymns of Nayanmars the temple was built in 7th century CE by the Pallavas. Nayanmars was the community of devotional poets. Nayanmars were basically followers of Shaivism of Tamilnadu. According to 6th century song Poompavaipathikam, it referenced that this temple was located at seashore of Mylapore. Architecture of this temple appears as 400-500 years old. The original temple was built on the seashore location, which was destructed by Portuguese. The current temple was built by the Vijaynagara kings in 16th century, which is 1.5 km away from the coast. During Friday worship the statues goddess Karpagambal is decorated with garland which is made with gold coins, which is well known as Kasu Maala. There is also peacock and peahen caged insight the temple to symbolize the goddess had come in the form of peahen for worship of Kapaleeshwarar. Arupathimoovar is another festival which is celebrated in the honor of Saivaite devotees.

In daily schedule four pujas are scheduled every day such as the early morning puja, the day puja, pradosha kala puja, and the night puja. The annual festival that is the bramhotsavam takes place during Panguni the Tamil month of year. During this the festival starts with dhwajarohanam, then the therotsavam, Arupathimoovar festival and concludes with the Tirukkalyanam. 

How to Reach
Mylapre is located just 7 km away from the capital city of Tamilnadu, thats why strongly connected with rest of the city. Chennai is one of the major cities of India, because of this you can easily find any transportation facility easily to reach Chennai.

Best Time to Visit
November to March is the best time where you can visit this place, during winter season. Because at this period of time the humidity level and temperature level are at its normal level. During summer and monsoon season the temperature and humidity increases drastically which is not suitable for many of the tourists.


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